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Ridgely 60 x 31 AcrylX Alcove Center Drain One-Piece Shower in White

31" x 60" x 77 3/4"
LOWE'S ITEM #: LM000531
MODEL #: LM6030BF5PC.75064

USD$ 2,338.00

Product information

Key Benefits

The Ridgely is a compact, barrier free, five-piece, center drain, 60" x 31" walk-in shower. The safety shower has a low entry 3/4" threshold and full wood reinforcement on the walls, which allows flexibility in grab bars or seat placement. The shower stall also has an easy to clean, high gloss finish with a subway tile pattern and three molded shelves on the back wall.

The shower base is pre-leveled and ready to install, has a steel reinforcement rod, and a textured safety finish. A chrome-plated brass drain and collapsible water retainer/dam with end caps is included. The shower will accommodate a shower door. The construction is premium, durable, titanium enhanced acrylic/fiberglass. The bathing shower meets or exceeds CSA B45.5, IAPMOZ124, HUD, FHA, Home Innovation Research Lab and Southern Building Code. Made in the USA with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Attribute Set

  • Above-the-Floor Rough : No
  • Installation Type : Alcove
  • Material : AcrylX™
  • Residential Warranty : Lifetime limited


  • Built-in shelves
  • Direct to Stud Installation
  • Lifetime Warranty

Technical Specifications

Installation Guides

    Technical Drawings


      Exact Height
      77 3/4”
      Exact Width
      Interior Width
      57 1/4”
      Approximative Weight
      425.00 lb