Whirlpool Therapy

Enjoy an invigorating full-body massage ranging from gentle to intense pressure to suit your body’s needs with whirlpool therapy.

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Why Choose a Whirlpool?

Image of a woman relaxing in a therapy tub.

A Soothing Full-Body Massage

Laurel Mountain whirlpools feature a 3-speed control and 10 spa jets that are adjustable for water flow and direction to massage all the right places. For your convenience, the 13-amp pump can be installed in multiple places.

Create a tub that is all your own by choosing from a variety of options to enhance your bathing experience!  Be sure to check out our new Silent Pump, Radiant Heat, & Music. Lights. Vibe options!

(1) This option is not available in the Whirlpool Illumination Package.

(2) This option is not available in the Whirlpool Sound Package.

Enhance Your Spa Experience with this Accessory


Cable Operated Drain Kit

Shop our premium operated drain kit and overflow that will help you clean, and descale calcium build up and organic matter deposits in tub plumbing pipes. Available in all standard and metallic colors for purchase separately and installed later or as an add-on.

Model #: LM200 (Chrome), LM201 (Brushed Nickel), LM202 (Bronze), LM210 (White), LM211 (Biscuit)

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Committed to Quality

At Laurel Mountain, we are committed to producing high-quality products. Our tub shells are backed with a limited lifetime warranty, 10-year warranty on the system and heater, and a 5-year warranty on all other parts.