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Alcove Plus 60 x 42 Acrylic Alcove Front Center Drain Bathtub in White

59 3/4" x 41 3/4" x 22"
LOWE'S ITEM #: LM000002
MODEL #: 4260APTO64

Soaker - no system
A soaker bathtub without any massage system.
USD$ 0.00

USD$ 1,386.00

Product information

Key Benefits

Timeless elegance await you in this hourglass shaped bathing tub. This vessel includes 2 sloped backrest with pillows and built-in arm rests. The Alcove Plus comes skirted with an access panel (for whirlpool, air bath, and combo baths). The drain is located front & center, and a tile flange comes on the non-drain side and short sides, making it an excellent choice for an alcove setting. A center drain and smooth lines complete this tub. For a grand escape from the world, consider adding a whirlpool, air bath or a combination of both to the Alcove Plus. This deep soaking tub provides 16 1/2" to the overflow.

  • Whirlpools Include: a 3 speed control, 13 amp pump , 10 spa jets which are adjustable for water flow and direction, and color match jet trim for standard colors.
  • Air Tubs Include: 24 high output lateral air injectors, 12 amp variable speed blower/600 watt ceramic air heater, and an automatic purge cycle with timer for air system.
  • Combo Tubs: Include everything listed above, offering the ultimate jacuzzi retreat in your own home.

Attribute Set


    • Bestseller
    • Dual bathing zones
    • Integrated Tiling Flange and Skirt

    Technical Specifications

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      Technical Drawings


        Maximum Water Capacity
        98.00 G
        Bathing Well Width
        Bathing Well Length
        Deep Sump Height
        16 1/2”
        Exact Height
        Exact Width
        41 3/4”
        59 3/4”
        Approximative Weight
        140.00 lb