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Obion 54 x 36 AcrylX Alcove Left-Hand Drain One-Piece Shower in White

36" x 54" x 77 3/4"
LOWE'S ITEM #: LM000528
MODEL #: LM5436BF5PL1.0064

USD$ 2,694.00

Product information

Key Benefits

The Obion is a compact, barrier free, five-piece, end drain, 54" x 36" walk-in shower. The safety shower has a low entry 1" threshold and full wood reinforcement on the walls, which allows flexibility in grab bars or seat placement. The shower stall has an easy to clean, high gloss finish with a subway tile pattern and a molded shelf in the lower area of the back wall.

The shower base is pre-leveled and ready to install, has a steel reinforcement rod, and a textured safety finish. A chrome-plated brass drain and collapsible water retainer/dam with end caps is included. The shower will accommodate a shower door. The construction is premium, durable, titanium enhanced acrylic/fiberglass. The bathing shower meets or exceeds CSA B45.5, IAPMOZ124, HUD, FHA, Home Innovation Research Lab and Southern Building Code. Made in the USA with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Attribute Set

  • Above-the-Floor Rough : No
  • Installation Type : Alcove
  • Material : AcrylX™
  • Residential Warranty : Lifetime limited


  • Textured Floor
  • PIN system
  • Direct to Stud Installation

Technical Specifications

Installation Guides

    Technical Drawings


      Exact Height
      77 3/4”
      Exact Width
      Interior Width
      51 3/4”
      Approximative Weight
      450.00 lb