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Hourglass I Plus 60" x 42" Alcove Bathtub

59 1/2″ x 41 3/4″ x 21 1/2″
Lowe's Item #: 417794
Model # : 4260HPTSLO64

Soaker - no system
A soaker bathtub without any massage system.
+ USD$ 0.00
Air Bath
An invigorating full-body massage with air jets located on the lower side walls of the bathtub
+ USD$ 0.00
Combo Bath
Enjoy complete relaxation: the combo system features everything that is included in the whirlpool and air systems (spa and air jets)
+ USD$ 0.00
A soothing full-body massage, with jets that are adjustable for water flow and direction
+ USD$ 0.00

USD$ 1,248.00

Product Information

Key benefits

An Hourglass shaped skirted spa which features spacious simplicity is what can be found in the Hourglass I Plus. This bathtub includes a wide sloped backrest with pillow and built-in arm rests. To truly escape from your hectic days, consider adding a whirlpool, air bath or a combination of both to customize your tub. Many other options are also available to be added, be sure to check the options list. This deep soaking tub provides 17 1/2" to the overflow. This unit is specifically built for you and is made right here in the USA!

  • Standard features included with the Whirlpool tub include: 13 amp pump, 3 speed control, 10 spa jets which are adjustable for water flow and direction, and color match jet trim for standard colors.
  • Air Tubs Include: 24 high output lateral air injectors, 12 amp variable speed blower/600 watt ceramic air heater, and an automatic purge cycle with timer for air system.
  • Combo Tubs include everything listed above, offering a truly magical retreat.

Attribute set

  • Installation type : Alcove
  • Material : Acrylic
  • Above the Floor Rough : No
  • Residential Warranty : Lifetime limited


  • Bestseller
  • Available as whirlpool or air-whirlpool
  • Deep soaker

Technical Specifications


Maximum water capacity
89.00 G
Bathing Well Width
Bathing Well Length
Deep Sump Height
17 1/2”
Exact Height
21 1/2”
Exact Width
41 3/4”
Exact Length
59 1/2”
Approximative Weight
150.00 lb

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Hourglass I and II - Deep Soaking Tubs

As part of Laurel Mountain’s alcove family, the Hourglass Collection combines luxury style and comfort. Many customers purchase this deep soaking tub when wanting the perfect whirlpool tub for their new or existing home. It is a large tub but typically fits into any existing spacious tub space. It comfortably fits two people and holds plenty of water without getting cold – the insulation is great!


This tub is truly deep, and it is no wonder that it is rated as one of Laurel Mountain’s best deep soaking tubs since it offers plenty of leg room. This bathing Jacuzzi has a sloped backrest with arm rests built into the design. Features and options include a skirt with an access panel and a tile flange. It can be ordered as a whirlpool Jacuzzi, air bath or a combination tub which includes the whirlpool Jacuzzi and the air bath together.


Drain Kit
Lowe's Item #: 699107
A premium cable operated drain and overflow is available in all standard colors (white and biscuit) as well as the metallic finishes of chrome, brushed nickel, and bronze. The overflow trim is turned to open and close the drain.
USD$ 146.00
Grab Bars
Lowe's Item #: 745073
On many tub models a pair of crescent shaped 8" grab bars may be ordered. The bars are made of durable acrylic and are available in white, and biscuit. The bars are factory installed.
USD$ 136.00
Chromatherapy Mood Light
Lowe's Item #: 745101
The LED lighting system will provide the therapeutic effects of chromatherapy. The system is programmed with ten lighting modes that will sequence automatically or you may choose to stop on a desired mode. The mode sequence is: Magenta, Blue, Red, White, Sunburst, Green, Tidal Wave, Afterburn Fade, Color Burst and Slow Dance. The therapy by general color category is: blue for calming and conversation, green to assist in relieving stress or trauma, violet to help in meditation and intuition, yellow for intellectual stimulation, and red as an energizing color meant to stimulate or excite. Still not sure? Check the Utube link at the top of the page to see a mood light at work.
USD$ 217.00
Attachable Plastic Flange
Lowe's Item #: 745107
A 2 1/2" plastic tiling flange is available. The plastic flange is placed under the down flange and comes up high enough to be covered by the ceramic tile/wall surround.
USD$ 40.00
Music. Lights. Vibe.
Lowe's Item #: 1642018
This system allows you to enjoy lights, musics, radio, or an audiobook at the touch of a button in your bathtub.
USD$ 1,345.00
Air / Soaker Heater
Lowe's Item #: 745083
An electric heater (120 volt) is factory installed that maintains the temperature of water between 101 and 104 degrees F. The heater is operated with an on/off switch and include a 20 minute timer. A low flow/high efficiency pump provides a silent operation. This is a stand alone heater and will require a second pump location for installation. Please call with questions 800-930-0050. *Can only be ordered with Air Baths & Soaker tubs.
USD$ 414.00
Radiant Heat
Lowe's Item #: 1642019
The powerful and reliable Radiant Heat system warms up very fast and will keep the tub backrest toasty warm .
USD$ 434.00