Laurel Mountain FAQs

Need some help finding the information you’re looking for? Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions we have received related to specific Laurel Mountain products and installations, as well other general inquiries.

For warranty questions, please refer to our warranty page.
For product maintenance or cleaning, please refer to our product maintenance page.


Foundational materials are not required for Laurel Mountain tubs and showers, but are a practice within the industry. If the subfloor is not level, foundation materials can be used to help set the unit level.
A tile flange is a water barrier that typically goes around three sides of the tub and is approximately 1/2” or more above the deck. It is highly recommended to order a tile flange with tubs that will be installed in an alcove setting to prevent water from dripping between the tub and finished wall. Integral tile flanges are included on most skirted tubs.  
The only hole cut on Laurel Mountain showers will be the drain hole. For our tubs, an overflow hole is drilled as well. To cut holes for the faucets, a hole saw is recommended. A saber saw may also be used. Be sure the blade is fine-toothed and sharp. The hole should be cut from the finished side out. Use masking tape to minimize chipping
This is normal, the acrylic and fiberglass used to make our tubs are semi opaque.
Use a non-abrasive cleaner & rinse thoroughly after cleaning. Pure vinegar is a very good cleaning agent for acrylic. Be sure to avoid all abrasive products.
Pure vinegar works very well but if they persist, use 99% alcohol.
A whirlpool is a water based system that pumps a mixture of air and water at a high velocity out of the whirlpool jets. This water pressure can be altered to low, medium, and high. An air bath blower heats and blows air bubbles out of small air injectors around the base of the tub. The output of this type of massage can also be adjusted for low and high intensities and different cycles such as wave or pulse.
Most oval units will come with a paper template. If the oval unit doesn’t come with a template, one can be drawn from the tub itself using the top of the carton. Rectangular units have cut-out dimensions listed on their spec sheet.

Whirlpool & Air Tubs

There are many good reasons. Some of the most important are:

Medical: Hydrotherapy has been proven to be one of the best and most effective forms of relief from certain medical conditions such as muscle and joint pain, back and neck aches, sprains, stiffness, and other minor injuries.

Stress Relief: Hydrotherapy massage is a fast and effective form of stress relief that is readily available for everyone in the family. The wide variety of jet options, lumbar massage system, neck massage pillow, and air massage system offer the ultimate flexibility in relief from stress and muscle stiffness.

Resale Value: Studies have shown that a bathroom remodeling project that features the addition of an acrylic whirlpool bath can increase the resale value of your existing home by as much as $10,000. Luxury bathroom options are a highly valued feature in today’s housing market.

Yes. They are every bit as safe as your standard bathtub or shower. Unlike outdoor spas or hot tubs (which are similar to swimming pools), your indoor whirlpool bathtub is emptied after each use. There are no chemicals or stored water involved. The entire unit, as well as each of the components used in the production of it, is NAHB tested and UL approved. Your Laurel Mountain Whirlpool meets all national codes.
Laurel Mountain Whirlpools are one of the easiest units in the industry to install. They are manufactured with their own pre-leveled installation base to sit directly on the floor. No need to shim, level, or set in mortar. All of the power components (pump motor, heater, optional on/off switch) are supplied with a cord and plug. No need to wire – simply plug into a wall GFCI outlet. All whirlpool baths run on standard 110-volt power. There are no special electrical requirements. Nor are there any additional plumbing needs.
The whirlpool pump requires a 20Amp dedicated GFCI circuit. If a heater is ordered, a 2nd 20Amp dedicated GFCI will be needed. Electrical requirements for other options can be found in the owner’s manual.
Some units have alternate pump locations available and will be shown on the tub’s specification sheet. If no alternate pump locations are noted on the specification sheet, they are not available on that tub. Once you decide which alternate pump location you need, the Alternate Pump location option must be purchased on the same order as the whirlpool.
It is best to order the heater at the same time you order the whirlpool or air bath to have it come factory installed.  A heater cannot be post installed on air baths but can be on most whirlpools.
An access panel is required for any future service & maintenance on the whirlpool and air bath systems. If a tub needs pulled or an access hole needs created for warranty work, that is the responsibility of the homeowner.  
We recommend using a 20 Amp dedicated GFCI circuit for each system. For example, on a combo tub with a heater, we would recommend having 3 separate, 20 Amp circuits. 1 for the whirlpool, 1 for the air, and 1 for the heater.
A general rule of thumb is that the water heater should be two-thirds the size of tub’s water capacity. For example, a 60-gallon tub would require a 40-gallon water heater.
The jets adjust from soft to vigorous by rotating them clockwise or counter- clockwise. In addition, all whirlpools include a 3-speed control to adjust the water pressure for the entire system.
Fill up the tub two inches above the highest jet then add 2 Tsp of low sudsing dishwasher detergent and 8 oz. of household bleach. Operate the whirlpool for 5-10 minutes and then drain the tub. Refill the tub and run the system for another 5 minutes, then drain. Repeat every 30 days unless an ozonator was purchased.
Additives can be used to enhance your whirlpool experience. However, be careful when using bubble bath in conjunction with the whirlpool system as it will generate many more bubbles than usual. Always use small amounts of additives until you find the desired amount. It is recommended to clean your system on a regular basis, especially when using these additives.
Laurel Mountain air bath systems do not require any particular maintenance. Regular cleaning of the bathtub is sufficient.
Yes. Since there is no water being circulated, these additives will have no effect on the air blower system.


Laurel Mountain offers several low threshold and barrier free shower units.  The low threshold units typically has a 4" step, while the barrier free units are wheel chair accessible.  

 While many of the barrier free units meet the ADA weight & threshold standards, only some meet all of the ADA requirements.  Contact Laurel Mountain for a list of ADA certified units.

A low threshold shower has a small step (3”-4”) at the entrance of the unit. A barrier-free or zero threshold unit has no step and is wheelchair accessible.
It is a triangular foamy material that is placed along the threshold of the unit. It acts as a water barrier, and provides easy access for wheelchairs.
All Laurel Mountain shower units with a seat have a weight limit of 300 lbs.
Laurel Mountain barrier free units come with a weighted shower curtain and collapsible dam to keep the water from spilling out onto the bathroom floor.
Yes, all Laurel Mountain shower units have reinforced backing.
Mortar is not required for any Laurel Mountain showers
Laurel Mountain showers are all heavy duty, reinforced units and do not have much flex so the most important and potentially difficult step is ensuring the alcove area is level, square and plumb. Most bathrooms will not be perfectly level, square, and plumb so shimming and trimming may be required. We highly recommend watching the installation video and performing a dry fit before you begin your installation.
Most Laurel Mountain shower units can have shower doors installed. This information can be obtained through the product description or specifications. The ADA showers do not accommodate shower doors.